I did an experiment, where I recorded two columns of data (column A and column B). However my experiment needs calculated data. My goal is to create a data frame myself (as you do in excel), but I want to incorporate the formulas I need to get the calculated values for my data.

Note: I'm NOT using an existing data frame. I want to create my own data using arrays. Exactly as you do in excel, you put the values in a table and then plot it.

For example:

Column A      Column B      Column C       
   1              1.1       Column A*constant

Should I create functions for each formula I need? But still I don't know how to incorporate these functions in the arrays.

I'm trying to do literally what you do in excel (create a table with values and incorporate the formula in each cell), but I'm not sure what will be the easiest way to do this for a beginner in Python.

pd im using jupyter notebooks for this with python 3

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