After checking some examples and tutorials I wonder if there is a guide how to start a productive Corda Node.

I would expect something like a docker(compose) with Message Server, DB and Web Server (Spring ???) to start the whole infrastructure which enables deployments of new CordApps or updates.

Anyone here who could share a e.g. Jenkins pipeline which could act as blueprint ?


Here are some general steps of deploying a Cordapp.

  1. Install the Corda Node
  2. Implement the Corda Firewall PKI
  3. Generate Bridge and Float keystores for your the Artemis server (message queue)

You can take a look at this official guide for a detailed explanation.

And if you are working on Docker, there is a guide available now here.

For CI/CD, there is a few samples already been done with Jenkins on in the Corda github. Besides you can look at CircleCI for an alternative option

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