recently i install odoo 11 and the odoo 12 latest version , i have some custom module based on "account_accountent" module, so when i do some search i found this article :

Are Accounting Features Removed (click link to see all details)

(a part of the article) enter image description here

so the question here how can i reactivate the feature "account_accountent" in one XML record ?

please any one know how to do it ?

here it's my custom module who depends on "account_acountent" manifest file

enter image description here


On your __manifest__.py file change 'account_accountant' to 'account' so the module may be loaded.

Then, on the web interface:

  1. Enter debug mode
  2. Go to Settings / Users, select one user to edit
  3. On the "Application Accesses" section make sure it has "Billing Manager" to the right of "Accounting & Finance"
  4. On the "Technical Settings" section make sure it has "Show Full Accounting Features" checked.
  5. Save and reload bypassing your cache (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Bypass_your_cache)

If you succeed, when logged in as that user you should see under Invoicing / Configuration / Accounting the following menus: Chart of Accounts, Taxes, Fiscal Positions, Bank Accounts and Journals.

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