I am facing a problem using ngx-slick-carousel. I am using a slick carousel with href link.

<ngx-slick-carousel class="carousel" 
    [config]="slideConfig" >

     <div ngxSlickItem *ngFor="let slide of slides | async" class="slide shadow centerImage">
          <a (click)="launchpopup()" href="javascript:void(0);">

          <img src="<<Some link>>">


  1. It loads well.
  2. When the carousel starts lets say image 1 on the left slides and goes to left which is outside the max slides and so it hides, when image 1 comes back on the right side, the click doesn't work at all..only when image 1 goes to its original position it starts to work. Same for other images.

Has anyone faced this problem?

Note:- The same problem appears with owl-carousel

  • I'ma facing same problem did you manage to find a solution ? – SlimenTN May 27 '20 at 12:15

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