I am writing a DDL script to drop a number of tables but need to identify all dependencies for those tables first. Those dependencies include foreign key constraints, stored procedures, views, etc. Preferably, I want to programmatically script out dropping those dependencies using the system tables/views before dropping the dependent table.


This is extremely messy to write from scratch. Have you considered a 3rd party tool like Red-Gate SQL Dependency Tracker?


sp_depends is not reliable see: Do you depend on sp_depends (no pun intended)


you could always search through the syscomments table....that might take a while though...


Could you reference sysreferences?

select 'if exists (select name from sysobjects where name = '''+c.name+''') '
+' alter table ' + t.name +' drop constraint '+ c.name 
 from sysreferences sbr, sysobjects c, sysobjects t, sysobjects r
 where c.id = constrid 
  and t.id = tableid 
  and reftabid = r.id
  and r.name = 'my_table'

That will generate a whole lot of conditional drop constraint calls. Should work.


You can use the sp_depends stored procedure to do this:

USE AdventureWorks GO EXEC sp_depends @objname = N'Sales.Customer' ;



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