I'm aware that there isn't a Fabric/Crashlytics API that I can use to pull data. I'm wondering if when the move happens to Firebase/Crashlytics will there be some sort of official API that we can use to get crash statistics?

I am trying to create Jiras upon a crash but our jira locally hosted and isn't publicly available so I can't integrate it through the service hooks provided.

Mike from Firebase and Fabric here. We support JIRA server instances. However if it is not accessible to us, for example behind a firewall, then we don't have any integrations that will work.

  • Hi Mike. Thanks for the reply. Yes, our jira server is behind a firewall and isn't publicly available so this is why I was inquiring about future plans for a Firebase API that we can use to pull Crashlytics data. I looked over the current Firebase API but didn't see any Crashlytics specifics. Thanks again. – ACCFAN Nov 1 at 12:58
  • Gotcha, no plans at the moment. – Mike Bonnell Nov 1 at 14:10
  • @MikeBonnell Is there any documentation link about integration with JIRA? – tse Nov 4 at 16:07

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