In the AWS Console, I created a cluster, task definition and repository for deploying my docker image. Then I created an IAM user and tried to list the clusters I have by calling

aws ecs describe-clusters

It returns me

    "clusters": [], 
    "failures": [
            "reason": "MISSING", 
            "arn": "arn:aws:ecs:us-east-1:XXXXXXXXXXX:cluster/default"

Listing clusters also returns me empty array,

aws ecs list-clusters

Any help on this would be appreciated.

  • tried running aws ecs describe-clusters --cluster default ? – Chetan Ranpariya Oct 31 '18 at 7:06
  • Pass the region where you cluster is actually created by using "aws ecs describe-clusters --region us-east-1" – Manish R Oct 31 '18 at 7:44
  • @ChetanRanpariya the cluster name is not default. Still, while trying it is returning the same failure result. – Vishnu Sankaran Oct 31 '18 at 13:30
  • @ManishR I tried with the region as well. Still the same result. I am suspecting an issue with IAM policies. Any idea? – Vishnu Sankaran Oct 31 '18 at 13:31
  • It seems the issue with your region. Do pass the correct region with --region parameter. – Ethical Mohit Oct 31 '18 at 19:14


aws configure

Adjust "Default region name:" and execute again

aws ecs list-clusters
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  • I think it would be useful to explain why you think aws configure and adjusting the default region would help solve the OP's problem. – ordonezalex Jun 21 '19 at 2:03

The above error suggest that the script is not able to load your default profile. It is always a good practice to add your profile and region to the script. I am assuming here that you have already did the configuration by "aws configure" cli command. Below is the snippet:

aws ecs describe-clusters --profile <YOUR-PROFILE> --region <AWS-REGION>

You can find the profile in the /.aws/config file.

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One thing other answers missed is the fact that describe-clusters expects that cluster with name default exits if no cluster is specified. You can have as many clusters as you want but the error will show up if you don't specify the one you want to view.

As others pointed out you may need to specify correct region value (using aws configure, --region param, AWS_REGION env variable...). If you already did then perhaps resources were created in wrong region in aws web console?

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