I am working on a window service for translating keywords in the database after some interval, now I am tired installing and uninstalling the server via CMD while debugging, so please let me know if this can be achieved in another way without seeing the CMD, thank you.


After you have installed workloads for visual studio 2017, "other project types" node will appear in the add new project pane. If you can't still find it, please repair the visual studio 2017 firstly and then

click->Tools->Extensions and Updates

to download Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects. enter image description here

After this, you could find it when you create a new project. enter image description here


Limitations of VS Installer Projects: Visual Studio Installer Projects have a number of severe limitations as explained here.

WiX Toolset: WiX is a free, Open Source alternative, and there are several other major deployment tools you can check. Advanced Installer has some free features, but I don't think that includes service installation. Worth a test though - nice features. Installshield has no free version that I know of, but is full-featured. PACE suite is the new kid on the block. I would test them all and pick one - just 2 cents.

How to create a Windows Service MSI Installer Using WiX, this is untested by me but looks OK: https://github.com/Robs79/How-to-create-a-Windows-Service-MSI-Installer-Using-WiX

UPDATE: I suddenly remembered MSI and WiX expert Chris Painter's IsWiX tutorials at: https://github.com/iswix-llc/iswix-tutorials. IsWiX is a front-end for WiX.

And finally expert Helge Klein has published a helpful and complete WiX real-world sample: https://helgeklein.com/blog/2014/09/real-world-example-wix-msi-application-installer/

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