There seems to be a way to do it in tensorflow: Keyboard interrupt tensorflow run and save at that point

Is there something like this in Keras?


You could catch the KeyboardInterrupt exception and save the model within the except block:

save_path = './keras-saves/_lastest.ckpt'
    model.fit(x_train, y_train,
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    print('Output saved to: "{}./*"'.format(save_path))
  • btw this works fine on linux but it seems to be buggy on windows. I tried to use this on windows 10 in a keras script that also imports sklearn and then the KeyboardInterrupt doesn't work anymore. – Johan May 7 '20 at 11:57

Best way i found is to use mouse position on screen as input.

In the following example, if you move your mouse to left edge (x<10) keras will stop:

def queryMousePosition():
    from ctypes import windll, Structure, c_long, byref
    class POINT(Structure): _fields_ = [("x", c_long), ("y", c_long)]
    pt = POINT()
    return pt.x, pt.y  # %timeit queryMousePosition()

class TerminateOnFlag(keras.callbacks.Callback):
    def on_batch_end(self, batch, logs=None):
        mouse_x, mouse_y = queryMousePosition()
        if mouse_x < 10:
            self.model.stop_training = True

callbacks=[keras.callbacks.ReduceLROnPlateau(), TerminateOnFlag()]

model.fit_generator(..., callbacks=callbacks, ...)

(You can easly add different kind of online interactions with the mouse position as input...)

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    I like this approach since you can continue with plots and predictions after you exit the train loop – auro Apr 15 at 17:19

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