My dataset includes 900,043 observations.

I need to create an identifier in Stata that follows this pattern: the first 1,000 observations are assigned the number 1, the following 1,000 observations (from 1,001st to 2,000th) are assigned the number 2, and so on.

I cannot use the command group since my identifier is not linked to any precise variable.

Only the order matters.

Any suggestions?


The following works for me:

set obs 5000

generate id = int((_n - 1) / 1000) + 1

or alternatively:

egen id = seq(), block(1000)


@NickCox points out that the following also works:

generate id = ceil(_n / 1000)
  • Very helpful and quick reply. Thank you so much! – windyboo Oct 31 '18 at 17:45

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