I tried to change my PHP login to MySQL 8.0 from using caching_sha2_password to mysql_native_password as below. Now I can't login at all to MySQL. I have restarted the mysqld to no avail.

Any ideas to remedy?

I followed this article php mysqli_connect: authentication method unknown to the client [caching_sha2_password]

mysql> ALTER USER 'elstatuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'mysecretpassword';
ERROR 3009 (HY000): Column count of mysql.user is wrong. Expected 50, found 49. Created with MySQL 80012, now running 80013. Please use mysql_upgrade to fix this error.

[root@han ~]# mysql_upgrade --force -uroot -p
Enter password: 
Checking server version.
Running queries to upgrade MySQL server.
Upgrading system table data.
Checking system database.
mysql.columns_priv                                 OK

mysql.component                                    OK
mysql.db                                           OK
mysql.default_roles                                OK
mysql.engine_cost                                  OK
mysql.func                                         OK
mysql.general_log                                  OK
mysql.global_grants                                OK
mysql.gtid_executed                                OK
mysql.help_category                                OK
mysql.help_keyword                                 OK
mysql.help_relation                                OK
mysql.help_topic                                   OK
mysql.innodb_index_stats                           OK
mysql.innodb_table_stats                           OK
mysql.password_history                             OK
mysql.plugin                                       OK
mysql.procs_priv                                   OK
mysql.proxies_priv                                 OK
mysql.role_edges                                   OK
mysql.server_cost                                  OK
mysql.servers                                      OK
mysql.slave_master_info                            OK
mysql.slave_relay_log_info                         OK
mysql.slave_worker_info                            OK
mysql.slow_log                                     OK
mysql.tables_priv                                  OK
mysql.time_zone                                    OK
mysql.time_zone_leap_second                        OK
mysql.time_zone_name                               OK
mysql.time_zone_transition                         OK
mysql.time_zone_transition_type                    OK
mysql.user                                         OK
The sys schema is already up to date (version 2.0.0).
Checking databases.
elstat.account                                     OK
wp.wp_users                                        OK
Upgrade process completed successfully.
Checking if update is needed.
[root@han ~]# logout
[thommym@han ~]$ mysql -u root -p
Enter password: 
ERROR 3118 (HY000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'. Account is locked.
[thommym@han ~]$ 

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