I am interested in sklearn.cluster.MiniBatchKMeans as a way to use huge datasets. Anyway I am a bit confused about the difference between MiniBatchKMeans.partial_fit() and MiniBatchKMeans.fit().

Documentation about fit() states that:
Compute the centroids on X by chunking it into mini-batches.

while documentation about partial_fit() states that:
Update k means estimate on a single mini-batch X.

So, as I understand it fit() splits up the dataset to chunk of data with which it trains the k means (I guess the argument batch_size of MiniBatchKMeans() refers to this one) while partial_fit() uses all data passed to it to update the centres. The term "update" may seem a bit ambiguous indicating an initial training (using fit()) should have been performed or not, but judging from the example in the documentation this is not necessary (I can use partial_fit() at the beginning also).

Is it true that partial_fit() will use all data passed to it regardless of size or is the data size bound to the batch_size passed as argument to the MiniBatchKMeans constructor? Also if batch_size is set to be greater than the actual data size is the result the same as the standard k-means algorithm (I guess efficient could vary in the latter case though due to different architectures).



partial_fit is for online clustering were fit is for offline, however i think MiniBatchKMeans's partial_fit method is a little rough.

Long explanation

I diged old PR's from the repo, and found this one, it seems to be the first commit of this implementation, it mentions that this algorithm can implement the partial_fit method as a online clustering method (following the online API discussion).

So as well as the BIRCH implementation, this algorithm uses fit as one time offline clustering and partial_fit as online clustering.

However, i did some tests comparing the ARI of the result labels by using the fit in the entire dataset versus using partial_fit and fit in chunks, and didn't seems to get anywhere, since the ARI result were very low (~0.5), and by changing the initialization apparently the fit chunked beat partial_fit, which doesn't make sense. you can find my notebook here.

So my guess is, based in this response in the PR:

I believe that this branch can and should be merged.

The online fitting API (partial_fit) probably needs to mature, but I think that it is a bit out of scope of this work. The core contribution, that is a mini-batch K-means, is nice, and does seem to speed up things.

Is that the implementation hasn't changed much since that PR, and the partial_fit method is still a little rough, the two implementations from 2011 and now has changed (compared from the release tag), however both of them calls the function _mini_batch_step once in partial_fit (without verbose info) and calls multiple time in fit (with verbose info).

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