I have a component with empty data array

data: () => ({
    selectedResource : [],

but when i try to add some item to this array i got an error


this.selectedResource.append is not a function

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    append() is a jquery function, use push() instead – Badgy Nov 1 '18 at 7:50
  • this.selectedResource.push is not a function – Viktor Nov 1 '18 at 9:27
  • where do you use the method? could you show the surrounded code please – Badgy Nov 1 '18 at 9:29
  • there is a lot of code and i can just upload file to free file-service. file.sampo.ru/nnrknd – Viktor Nov 1 '18 at 9:35
  • Wont download it here at work sorry, I´ll look into it when home – Badgy Nov 1 '18 at 9:40

Using this should work

    data() {
        return {
            selectedResource: [],

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