JUnit test code to call imgur post image using spring web client to call imgur post image api the file is downloaded from url and set to the body part as encoded string. How to set MultipartBody to upload image to imgur

    public void setUp() {
        webClient = WebClient.builder().baseUrl("https://api.imgur.com/3/")

    public void testupdateImages() throws MalformedURLException, IOException {

         HttpHeaders headers = new HttpHeaders();

            MultiValueMap<String, Object> body = new LinkedMultiValueMap<>();
            body.add("image", URLEncoder.encode(readFileFromUrl(URL),"UTF-8"));

        /*MultipartBodyBuilder builder = new MultipartBodyBuilder(); 
        builder.part("form field", "form value"); 

        builder.part("image",  URLEncoder.encode(readFileFromUrl(URL),"UTF-8")); 
        MultiValueMap<String, HttpEntity<?>>  multipartBody = builder.build(); 
        Mono<Image> imagesFlux=  webClient.post();
        .header("Authorization", "Client-ID encodedvalue")
        .header("Authorization", "Bearer encodedvalue")

        Image results=imagesFlux.block();


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