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I encountered a bizarre issue while using Android Studio(v3.2.1). some of my Java and XML files were replaced with unrelated XML that seemed to be generated by Android Studio. I don't think I did anything to trigger it. I opened file in sublime there is no issue. I have seen similar issues like this.enter image description here but no luck. if you found it hard help me to reach more people. Thanks in advance.

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    Several other people have had a similar problem with Android Studio and at least one reported that this solution helped. So, you could add it as an answer and accept it yourself. – Markus Kauppinen Jan 30 at 15:25


I solved the very same issue by doing this

Close Android Studio

deleting :

1 .android

2 .AndroidStudio

3 .gradle

from C:\Users[your user name]

Start Android studio ( Will take some time to rebuild)

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