I'm using HTML Agility Pack to parse and transform a HTML file, but I get an exception "Item has already been added" when try to create a new HTMLNode because of the index parameter.

HtmlNode node1 = new HtmlNode(HtmlNodeType.Element, doc, 0); 
node1.Name = "div"; 

HtmlNode node2 = new HtmlNode(HtmlNodeType.Element, doc, 0); 
node2.Name = "div"; 
  • Could you also paste a piece of your .NET code? Mar 15, 2011 at 10:49

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This is how you can create a node (it basically mimics System.Xml semantics, on purpose):

    HtmlNode div = doc.CreateElement("div");

I don't know about this constructor you use, maybe a new one available in version 1.4?

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