I followed the full documentation on packages and modules. I even copied their file structure. The init.py files are in every folder too. Absolute imports still fail when I try to import a module from a sibling file.

Here is the documentation I followed https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/modules.html#intra-package-references

The only way this is working is through importing sys an editing the path

Even calling python -m main_package.sub_package.app is producing the same module not found error

I also tried relative imports in both the main class and on other modules when I import them. Still produces an error.

  • The top-level package directory, sound in the example, must be in a directory in sys.path. If you put sound elsewhere, then indeed you have to import and augment sys.path to add the directory containing sound. I presume that this is exactly what you did. If so, your title is the opposite of truth and this should be closed. PS: copy and paste into a question complete traceback and error messages. In this case, you should have also done the same for sys.path both for failure and success. – Terry Jan Reedy Feb 8 at 19:26

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