I'm changing my app using stomp and sockjs.

But somehow my controller can't get my whole data from client.

This is from my client side.

>>> SEND


with my controller

public void greeting(ChatMessage message, SimpMessageHeaderAccessor headerAccessor) throws Exception{
    logger.debug(">>>[GREETING]\n{}", message.toString());

    messagingTemplate.convertAndSend("/topic", message);


public class ChatMessage {
private String user;

private String to;

private String message;

private String type;


public String toString(){
    return String.format("ChatMessage [type=" + getType() + ", username="+ getUsername() +", to=" + getToUser() + ", message=" + getMessage() + "]");


My controller only get message and type

where is my user?

ChatMessage [type=greeting, username=, to=, message=hi]

Does anyone know what happens with my code? Thx

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    mapping is incorrect. change your getter and setter for proper deserialization or use @JsonProperty on top of user field. user field has getter as getUsername(). mismatch! – Barath Nov 2 '18 at 4:51

End up I change my Model ChatMessage

public class ChatMessage {

private Map<String, Object> map = new HashMap<>();

public Map<String, Object> any(){
    return this.map;

public Map<String, Object> getMap() {
    return this.map;

public void setMap(String key, Object value) {
    map.put(key, value);

public String toString() {
    return "Map [map=" + map + "]";

So I could have the different type of message cause sometimes I want to send SDP message and offer description.

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