I'm trying to get a list of all the AD groups along with their sub groups. It should be recursively populated and then displayed with the following column style Parent_Group, Child_Group_Level1, Child_Group_level2....Child_Group_levelN

I've tried the following

Get-ADGroup -filter * -properties GroupCategory | Select-Object -ExpandProperty name | Out-File -FilePath "E:\PowerShell\Ad_Data\CubeUsers\groups_list.txt"
$sourcepath = "E:\PowerShell\Ad_Data\CubeUsers\groups_list.txt"
$path = "E:\PowerShell\Ad_Data\CubeUsers\groups.csv"
foreach ($group in get-content $sourcepath) {
    Out-File -FilePath $path -InputObject "GROUP= $group" -Append
    Get-ADGroupMember $group | Where-Object objectClass -eq "group" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty name | Out-File -FilePath $path -Append

But I'm not sure if the data I'm getting is correct and will need the output in separate column, where as below script provide all info in a single column.

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