I have a binding.scala component and a third party scalajs library that takes html string as input. How can the b.s component can be passed to the library method as an argument?


import com.thoughtworks.binding.Binding._
import com.thoughtworks.binding.{Binding, dom}

@dom def renderComponent: Binding[Element] = <h1> I am a component </h1>

def thirdPartyFunction(str: String) = {

I would like to call the function like thirdPartyFunction(renderComponent.bind.outerHtml.toString). However that call never gets executed.

I think this is related to some basic understanding with B.S up until now I have not faced with. Any suggestions?

  • Missing watch calls? – Yang Bo Nov 3 '18 at 8:26
  • the thirdPartyFunction is invoked by a window event. Not through dom.render method though. Something like this, but how: window.onload = _ => thirdPartyFunction(renderComponent.bind.outerHtml.toString). – mcku Nov 3 '18 at 10:32

The answer is to wrap the .bind call with watch. For instance, in the window.onload function, something similar to the following:

   window.onload = _ => Binding{

Note that it is possible to initialize components without functions like window.onload. See this question How to execute some init after element loaded to dom with Binding.scala

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