While Planning Capacity per node, Datastax recommendation on size of each node should not be more than 1 TB for better performance.

To avoid problems, DataStax recommends keeping data per node near or below 1 TB. Exceeding this value has the following effects:

Extremely long times (days) for bootstrapping new nodes.

Impacts maintenance(day-to-day operations), such as recovering, adding, and replacing nodes.

Reduces efficiency when running repairs.

Significantly extends the time it takes to expand datacenters.

Substantially increases compactions per node.

If only 1 TB is there for 1 node, we need to add many more nodes in case of huge data coming.

So in case we have events coming extremely fast in our system & data is ggrowing very fast too, we need to add new nodes in the DC to share the storage between them.

In my usecase specially, we are using Cassandra for normal load applications, Avg size of a node is around 400-500 GB. Now Because od new requirement where I have Usage Event tracking data & click stream data for our users from PROD. THis data is going to consume rest of the storage in very short time. And We need to plan new nodes to accumulate more data??

So Is Cassandra really good for that big data may be in PetaBytes??

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  • It depends what's your use case is & what you want your system to be capable of in CAP. e.g - Cassandra is AP on CAP, MongoDB is CP on CAP, Hbase is CP on CAP. Here is avery good article about "what is cassandra good for" on Datastax.com - datastax.com/dev/blog/what-cassandra-good – PC84 Nov 2 at 19:05
  • I think I am aware of CAP & very good things from Cassandra that's why we are using it in our prod Ebvironment, but the thing is What should be the strategy, If we have data in several TBs to store for each node?? – Anil Kapoor Nov 5 at 6:31