I have desktop notifications working just fine in my Progressive Web App (PWA). With the PWA open, when I click the notification, I am able to receive the notification's data property. When the PWA is closed, when I click the notification, the PWA is opened BUT my onclick handler is never executed, nor do I see a way to receive data from the notification on launch of the web app.

How can I receive the notification data property when the PWA is not currently running?

With 2 notifications appearing from my PWA, I want to know which of the PWAs was clicked when my PWA is closed. Looking at the Notification API, I don't see a way to check on startup of my web app.

Here is my code:

if ('Notification' in window) {
    const options = {
        icon: 'https://i.imgur.com/l8qOen5.png',
        image: 'https://i.imgur.com/l8qOen5.png',
        requireInteraction: true,

    if (Notification.permission === 'granted') {
        const desktopNotification = new Notification('My Title', {
            body: 'My body text',
            data: 'A string I want to receive when PWA is opened',
            tag: 'A unique identifier',

        desktopNotification.onclick = (e) => {
            // Not received when PWA is closed and then opened on click of notification
            const data = e.currentTarget.data || {};
            console.log('desktopNotification clicked!', e, data);

First of all, you have to have Service Worker running, even if your PWA application is closed. If you are not familiar with Service Worker API, please look a good example here Introduction to Push Notifications Technically speaking and answering your question, you need to subscribe on notificationclick event INSIDE Service Worker (there are couple other events also available, for example, notificationclose)

Here is the short example what you need to have inside serviceworker.js:

self.addEventListener('notificationclick', function(e) {
  var notification = e.notification;
  var primaryKey = notification.data.primaryKey;
  var action = e.action;

  if (action === 'close') {
  } else {
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    The key is that the service worker needs to be the one who originated the notification. Your answer helped "push" me in that direction :) – Scott Nov 8 '18 at 2:39

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