I want to parse a huge json file in chunks. I want to use chunks of it without loading the whole thing. The data can be found here http://jmcauley.ucsd.edu/data/amazon/

When I use ijson to do that I get an error of JSONError: Additional data. Is there any way to do this?

My code:##produces Additional Data Error

file = open('Books_5.json',"r") ##Books_5.json is the 5-core small dataset
objects = ijson.items(file, 'meta.data.item')
reviews = (o for o in objects if o['type']=='reviewText')
for review in reviews : print(review)

This does work, but is very slow:

def parse(path):
  g = open(path, 'rb')
  for l in g:
    yield eval(l)
def getDF(path):
  i = 0
  df = {}
  for d in parse(path):
    df[i] = d
    i += 1
  return pd.DataFrame.from_dict(df, orient='index')

df = getDF(path)

result of the code

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    Hello there, you question is a bit vague, mate. Are you asking what's the best way of implementation as in theory or rather guidance on editing a piece of working snippet you already made? – Harry Adel Nov 2 at 21:14
  • I'm sorry, I guess lazy load is not what I mean. Wrong terminology. – user10598282 Nov 2 at 21:15
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    >I get an error of json improperly formed Can you please share the exact error you got? – Harry Adel Nov 2 at 21:18
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    user10598282: ijson does iterative json parsing — and has nothing to do with downloading. Perhaps the improperly formed error you were getting was due to trying to parse incomplete json formatted data. – martineau Nov 2 at 21:19
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    Here's something that can be of a good help: stackoverflow.com/questions/51316427/… We need the error to help you debug it, but also the code snippet you used to fetch the JSON data. – Harry Adel Nov 2 at 21:20

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