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I've a Pandas dataframe, and some numerical data about some people. What I need to do is to find people that appare more than one time in the dataframe, and to substitute all the row about one people with one row where the numeric values are the sum of the numeric values of the rows before.


Names  Column1 Column1  
Jonh     1        2  
Bob      2        3  
Pier     1        1  
John     3        3  
Bob      1        0  

Have to become:

Names  Column1 Column1  
Jonh     4        5  
Bob      3        3  
Pier     1        1  

How can I do?

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  • Use df.groupby('Names', as_index=False, sort=False).sum() – jezrael Nov 3 '18 at 13:08

Try this:

In [975]: df.groupby('Names')[['Column1','Column2']].sum()
       Column1  Column2
Bob          3        3
John         4        5
Pier         1        1

groupby and sum should do the job

df.groupby('Names').sum().sort_values('Column1', ascending=False)

       Column1  Column1.1
Jonh         4          5
Bob          3          3
Pier         1          1

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