I am trying to build my first SpriteKit based game using Xcode 10.1 and Swift 4.2. Right now, I am just trying to get the redBall to bounce around the screen and off the edges. I am going to add the blueBall next. There is no user interaction at this point, I just want the balls to bounce around and collide right now.

However, I am trying to start with the redBall in motion, and that is not working. I have tried setting the velocity, applying force, and applying impulse. I tried setting the mass of the redBall and its friction to 0.0. I know the physics in my game is otherwise working. If I turn gravity on, the ball falls to the bottom edge, bounces, and comes to a rest.

I assume there is something simple that I am missing, but I cannot figure out what that is.

import SpriteKit

enum PhysicsCategory {
    static let none: UInt32     = 0
    static let redBall: UInt32  = 0x1 << 0
    static let blueBall: UInt32 = 0x1 << 1
    static let edge: UInt32     = 0x1 << 2
    static let all: UInt32      = UInt32.max

class GameScene: SKScene, SKPhysicsContactDelegate {

    override func didMove(to view: SKView) {

        let redBall = SKSpriteNode(texture: SKTexture(imageNamed: "ball"), color: .red, size: CGSize(width: 40.0, height: 40.0))
        redBall.colorBlendFactor = 1.0
        redBall.position = CGPoint(x: frame.midX, y: frame.midY)
        redBall.physicsBody = SKPhysicsBody(circleOfRadius: redBall.size.width/2)
        redBall.physicsBody?.categoryBitMask = PhysicsCategory.redBall
        redBall.physicsBody?.collisionBitMask = PhysicsCategory.all
        redBall.physicsBody?.contactTestBitMask = PhysicsCategory.blueBall | PhysicsCategory.edge
        //redBall.physicsBody?.velocity = CGVector(dx: 1.0, dy: 1.0)
        //redBall.physicsBody?.applyImpulse(CGVector(dx: 1.0, dy: 1.0))
        redBall.physicsBody?.applyForce(CGVector(dx: 1.0, dy: 1.0))
        //redBall.physicsBody?.mass = 0.0
        //redBall.physicsBody?.friction = 0.0

        let edgeRect = CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: frame.size.width, height: frame.size.height)
        physicsBody = SKPhysicsBody(edgeLoopFrom: edgeRect)
        physicsBody?.categoryBitMask = PhysicsCategory.edge
        physicsBody?.collisionBitMask = PhysicsCategory.all
        physicsBody?.contactTestBitMask = PhysicsCategory.redBall | PhysicsCategory.blueBall


    func setupPhysics() {
        physicsWorld.gravity = CGVector(dx: 0, dy: 0)
        physicsWorld.contactDelegate = self


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