I am trying to merge a date and time from different variables:

* Example generated by -dataex-. To install: ssc install dataex
input float(datetime date)
1.66587e+12 19650
format %tc datetime
format %td date

My code is the following:

g hh=hh(datetime)
g mm=mm(datetime)
g ss=ss(datetime)
g dt=dhms(date, hh, mm, ss)
format %tc dt

However, I am getting 19oct2013 21:37:55 instead of 19oct2013 21:38:58.

Is this a Stata bug?


This is actually due to imprecision, not a bug.

You need to generate your datetime variable dt as type double:


input float(datetime date)
1.66587e+12 19650

generate hh = hh(datetime)
generate mm = mm(datetime)
generate ss = ss(datetime)

generate dt1 = dhms(date, hh, mm, ss)
generate double dt2 = dhms(date, hh, mm, ss)

format %tc dt1 dt2

list datetime date hh mm ss

     |           datetime        date   hh   mm       ss |
  1. | 14oct2012 21:38:58   19oct2013   21   38   58.688 |

list dt1 dt2

     |                dt1                  dt2 |
  1. | 19oct2013 21:37:55   19oct2013 21:38:58 |

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