I'm trying to convert a struts 1 application to Spring MVC 3.0. We have an form with quite a few parameters, most of which where automatically binded in struts. However there where a number of fields in the format fieldName_# where # is a number that we manually bound by looping through the request.

I'm looking for a tidier way to do this in Spring mvc, but don't know where to start.

Ideally we should have them as fieldName[#] and it would be easier, but we cannot change this and have to keep the fieldName_# format. Also the number of these fields that are sent in the request are unknown.


One way to achieve this is by wrapping the servletRequest and implementing the getParameter (and associated methods) such a way that parameters with name fieldName_# are returned as fieldName[#]. A servletFilter would be one option to wrap the request.

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