I have Miniconda installed with 2 environments: base and gis. Packages in gis were installed from coda-forge. I have 2 questions:

Q1) want to update all packages in gis environment only from conda-forge. Am I using correct command ?

Q2) Why it is downgrading numpy-base ? It is updating other packages and when conda-forge still has several newer versions of 1.15.3 of numpy-base, why it is being downgraded ?

(gis) [arnuld@arch64 ~]$ conda update --all -c conda-forge
Solving environment: done

Package Plan

environment location: /home/arnuld/.local/miniconda/envs/gis

The following packages will be downloaded:

package                    |            build
matplotlib-3.0.1           |       h8a2030e_1           6 KB  conda-forge
openblas-0.3.3             |       ha44fe06_1        13.7 MB  conda-forge
libopenblas-0.2.20         |       h9ac9557_7         8.8 MB
numpy-base-1.14.3          |   py36h0ea5e3f_1         4.1 MB
blas-1.1                   |         openblas           1 KB  conda-forge
krb5-1.16.2                |       hbb41f41_0         1.4 MB  conda-forge
scipy-1.1.0                |py36_blas_openblashb06ca3d_202        39.8 MB  conda-forge
mkl_random-1.0.2           |           py36_0         1.3 MB  conda-forge
numpy-1.15.3               |py36_blas_openblashb06ca3d_0         9.4 MB  conda-forge
matplotlib-base-3.0.1      |   py36hc039c98_1         9.2 MB  conda-forge
                                       Total:        87.6 MB

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

libopenblas:     0.2.20-h9ac9557_7                
matplotlib-base: 3.0.1-py36hc039c98_1  conda-forge
openblas:        0.3.3-ha44fe06_1      conda-forge

The following packages will be UPDATED:

blas:            1.0-mkl                           --> 1.1-openblas                         conda-forge
krb5:            1.16.1-hbb41f41_0     conda-forge --> 1.16.2-hbb41f41_0                    conda-forge
matplotlib:      2.2.3-py36h8e2386c_0  conda-forge --> 3.0.1-h8a2030e_1                     conda-forge
mkl_random:      1.0.1-py36_0          conda-forge --> 1.0.2-py36_0                         conda-forge
numpy:           1.15.0-py36h1b885b7_0             --> 1.15.3-py36_blas_openblashb06ca3d_0  conda-forge [blas_openblas]
scipy:           1.1.0-py36hc49cb51_0              --> 1.1.0-py36_blas_openblashb06ca3d_202 conda-forge [blas_openblas]

The following packages will be DOWNGRADED:

numpy-base:      1.15.0-py36h3dfced4_0             --> 1.14.3-py36h0ea5e3f_1                           

Proceed ([y]/n)? n

[arnuld@arch64 ~]$ conda list -n gis
# packages in environment at /home/arnuld/.local/miniconda/envs/gis:
# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
attrs                     18.2.0                     py_0    conda-forge
backcall                  0.1.0                      py_0    conda-forge
blas                      1.0                         mkl  
bleach                    3.0.2                      py_0    conda-forge
boost-cpp                 1.67.0               h3a22d5f_0    conda-forge
bzip2                     1.0.6                h470a237_2    conda-forge
ca-certificates           2018.10.15           ha4d7672_0    conda-forge
cairo                     1.14.12              he6fea26_5    conda-forge
certifi                   2018.10.15            py36_1000    conda-forge
click                     7.0                        py_0    conda-forge
click-plugins             1.0.4                      py_0    conda-forge
cligj                     0.5.0                      py_0    conda-forge
curl                      7.62.0               h74213dd_0    conda-forge
cycler                    0.10.0                     py_1    conda-forge
dbus                      1.13.0               h3a4f0e9_0    conda-forge
decorator                 4.3.0                      py_0    conda-forge
descartes                 1.1.0                      py_2    conda-forge
entrypoints               0.2.3                 py36_1002    conda-forge
expat                     2.2.5                hfc679d8_2    conda-forge
fiona                     1.8.0            py36hfc77a4a_0    conda-forge
fontconfig                2.13.1               h65d0f4c_0    conda-forge
freetype                  2.9.1                h6debe1e_4    conda-forge
freexl                    1.0.5                h470a237_2    conda-forge
gdal                      2.3.2            py36hb00a9d7_0    conda-forge
geopandas                 0.4.0                      py_1    conda-forge
geos                      3.6.2                hfc679d8_3    conda-forge
geotiff                   1.4.2                h700e5ad_5    conda-forge
gettext                      h5e8e0c9_1    conda-forge
giflib                    5.1.4                h470a237_1    conda-forge
glib                      2.55.0               h464dc38_2    conda-forge
gmp                       6.1.2                hfc679d8_0    conda-forge
gst-plugins-base          1.12.5               hde13a9d_0    conda-forge
gstreamer                 1.12.5               h61a6719_0    conda-forge
hdf4                      4.2.13               h951d187_2    conda-forge
hdf5                      1.10.3               hc401514_2    conda-forge
icu                       58.2                 hfc679d8_0    conda-forge
intel-openmp              2019.0                      118  
ipykernel                 5.1.0              pyh24bf2e0_0    conda-forge
ipython                   7.1.1           py36h24bf2e0_1000    conda-forge
ipython_genutils          0.2.0                      py_1    conda-forge
jedi                      0.13.1                py36_1000    conda-forge
jinja2                    2.10                       py_1    conda-forge
jpeg                      9c                   h470a237_1    conda-forge
json-c                    0.12.1               h470a237_1    conda-forge
jsonschema                3.0.0a3               py36_1000    conda-forge
jupyter_client            5.2.3                      py_1    conda-forge
jupyter_core              4.4.0                      py_0    conda-forge
kealib                    1.4.10               hb88cf67_0    conda-forge
kiwisolver                1.0.1            py36h2d50403_2    conda-forge
krb5                      1.16.1               hbb41f41_0    conda-forge
libcurl                   7.62.0               hbdb9355_0    conda-forge
libdap4                   3.19.1               h8fe5423_1    conda-forge
libedit                   3.1.20170329         haf1bffa_1    conda-forge
libffi                    3.2.1                hfc679d8_5    conda-forge
libgcc-ng                 7.2.0                hdf63c60_3    conda-forge
libgdal                   2.3.2                hc73897a_0    conda-forge
libgfortran               3.0.0                         1    conda-forge
libgfortran-ng            7.2.0                hdf63c60_3    conda-forge
libiconv                  1.15                 h470a237_3    conda-forge
libkml                    1.3.0                hccc92b1_8    conda-forge
libnetcdf                 4.6.1               h9cd6fdc_11    conda-forge
libpng                    1.6.35               ha92aebf_2    conda-forge
libpq                     10.5                 he29860b_0    conda-forge
libsodium                 1.0.16               h470a237_1    conda-forge
libspatialindex           1.8.5                hfc679d8_3    conda-forge
libspatialite             4.3.0a              hdfcc80b_23    conda-forge
libssh2                   1.8.0                h5b517e9_2    conda-forge
libstdcxx-ng              7.2.0                hdf63c60_3    conda-forge
libtiff                   4.0.9                he6b73bb_2    conda-forge
libuuid                   2.32.1               h470a237_2    conda-forge
libxcb                    1.13                 h470a237_2    conda-forge
libxml2                   2.9.8                h422b904_5    conda-forge
markupsafe                1.0              py36h470a237_1    conda-forge
matplotlib                2.2.3            py36h8e2386c_0    conda-forge
mistune                   0.8.4            py36h470a237_0    conda-forge
mkl                       2019.0                      118  
mkl_fft                   1.0.6                    py36_0    conda-forge
mkl_random                1.0.1                    py36_0    conda-forge
munch                     2.3.2                      py_0    conda-forge
nbconvert                 5.3.1                      py_1    conda-forge
nbformat                  4.4.0                      py_1    conda-forge
ncurses                   6.1                  hfc679d8_1    conda-forge
notebook                  5.7.0                 py36_1000    conda-forge
numpy                     1.15.0           py36h1b885b7_0  
numpy-base                1.15.0           py36h3dfced4_0  
openjpeg                  2.3.0                h0e734dc_3    conda-forge
openssl                   1.0.2p               h470a237_1    conda-forge
pandas                    0.23.4           py36hf8a1672_0    conda-forge
pandoc                    2.3.1                         0    conda-forge
pandocfilters             1.4.2                      py_1    conda-forge
parso                     0.3.1                      py_0    conda-forge
pcre                      8.41                 hfc679d8_3    conda-forge
pexpect                   4.6.0                 py36_1000    conda-forge
pickleshare               0.7.5                 py36_1000    conda-forge
pip                       18.1                  py36_1000    conda-forge
pixman                    0.34.0               h470a237_3    conda-forge
poppler                   0.67.0               h4d7e492_3    conda-forge
poppler-data              0.4.9                         0    conda-forge
postgresql                10.5                 h66035e0_0    conda-forge
proj4                     4.9.3                h470a237_8    conda-forge
prometheus_client         0.4.2                      py_0    conda-forge
prompt_toolkit            2.0.7                      py_0    conda-forge
psycopg2                  2.7.5            py36hdffb7b8_2    conda-forge
pthread-stubs             0.4                  h470a237_1    conda-forge
ptyprocess                0.6.0                 py36_1000    conda-forge
pygments                  2.2.0                      py_1    conda-forge
pyparsing                 2.3.0                      py_0    conda-forge
pyproj                    py36h508ed2a_6    conda-forge
pyqt                      5.6.0            py36h8210e8a_7    conda-forge
pyrsistent                0.14.5           py36h470a237_1    conda-forge
pysal                     1.14.4.post2          py36_1001    conda-forge
python                    3.6.6                h5001a0f_3    conda-forge
python-dateutil           2.7.5                      py_0    conda-forge
pytz                      2018.7                     py_0    conda-forge
pyzmq                     17.1.2           py36hae99301_1    conda-forge
qt                        5.6.2                hf70d934_9    conda-forge
readline                  7.0                  haf1bffa_1    conda-forge
rtree                     0.8.3                 py36_1000    conda-forge
scipy                     1.1.0            py36hc49cb51_0  
send2trash                1.5.0                      py_0    conda-forge
setuptools                40.5.0                   py36_0    conda-forge
shapely                   1.6.4            py36h164cb2d_1    conda-forge
sip                       4.18.1           py36hfc679d8_0    conda-forge
six                       1.11.0                py36_1001    conda-forge
sqlalchemy                1.2.13           py36h470a237_0    conda-forge
sqlite                    3.25.2               hb1c47c0_0    conda-forge
terminado                 0.8.1                 py36_1001    conda-forge
testpath                  0.4.2                 py36_1000    conda-forge
tk                        8.6.8                ha92aebf_0    conda-forge
tornado                   5.1.1            py36h470a237_0    conda-forge
traitlets                 4.3.2                 py36_1000    conda-forge
wcwidth                   0.1.7                      py_1    conda-forge
webencodings              0.5.1                      py_1    conda-forge
wheel                     0.32.2                   py36_0    conda-forge
xerces-c                  3.2.0                h5d6a6da_2    conda-forge
xorg-kbproto              1.0.7                h470a237_2    conda-forge
xorg-libice               1.0.9                h470a237_4    conda-forge
xorg-libsm                1.2.3                h8c8a85c_0    conda-forge
xorg-libx11               1.6.6                h470a237_0    conda-forge
xorg-libxau               1.0.8                h470a237_6    conda-forge
xorg-libxdmcp             1.1.2                h470a237_7    conda-forge
xorg-libxext              1.3.3                h470a237_4    conda-forge
xorg-libxrender           0.9.10               h470a237_2    conda-forge
xorg-renderproto          0.11.1               h470a237_2    conda-forge
xorg-xextproto            7.3.0                h470a237_2    conda-forge
xorg-xproto               7.0.31               h470a237_7    conda-forge
xz                        5.2.4                h470a237_1    conda-forge
zeromq                    4.2.5                hfc679d8_6    conda-forge
zlib                      1.2.11               h470a237_3    conda-forge
[arnuld@arch64 ~]$ 


Yes, that's the right command. However, some of your packages aren't in conda-forge, e.g., numpy-base:

conda search conda-forge::numpy-base

turns up empty, same for libopenblas. They are falling back to updating from the defaults channel.


Don't know for sure, but it seems your BLAS libraries are involved too. Namely, libopenblas also has 0.3.3 version available in defaults, whereas here it shows installing 0.2.2. This happens to be a dependency of numpy-base, and specifically version 1.15.3 requires libopenblas>=0.3.3.

Could have something to do with the mkl to openblas switch that happens when prioritizing conda-forge. I think we'd need to know the other libraries installed (not being changed during update) to precisely answer this question as posed.

It looks like this script for searching the conda dependency graph could be useful for further inspection if you're really interested in assigning the blame.

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This issue of incompatibility of defaults and conda-forge channel is pretty much everywhere I see:


Since almost all packages which are in defaults channel are already in conda-forge and "mkl" library from defaults is not Open-Source but its replacement "blas" is, I decided to get rid of defaults and replace it with conda-forge. So What I did is this:

  • remove Miniconda installation (miniconda directory and config files etc)
  • installed it again
  • conda config --add channels conda-forge
  • conda install conda
  • conda update --all

This changed the config file:

[arnuld@arch64 ~]$ cat .condarc 
  - conda-forge
  - defaults
[arnuld@arch64 ~]$

That means conda-forge got priority over defaults and all packages will be searched first in conda-forge and if not found there, only then in defaults. Works for me:

    [arnuld@arch64 ~]$ conda install conda
Solving environment: done

## Package Plan ##

  environment location: /mnt/sda5/.miniconda3

  added / updated specs: 
    - conda

The following packages will be downloaded:

    package                    |            build
    conda-4.5.11               |        py37_1000         651 KB  conda-forge
    ca-certificates-2018.10.15 |       ha4d7672_0         135 KB  conda-forge
    openssl-1.0.2p             |       h470a237_1         3.1 MB  conda-forge
    certifi-2018.10.15         |        py37_1000         138 KB  conda-forge
                                           Total:         4.0 MB

The following packages will be UPDATED:

    ca-certificates: 2018.03.07-0      --> 2018.10.15-ha4d7672_0 conda-forge
    certifi:         2018.8.24-py37_1  --> 2018.10.15-py37_1000  conda-forge
    conda:           4.5.11-py37_0     --> 4.5.11-py37_1000      conda-forge
    openssl:         1.0.2p-h14c3975_0 --> 1.0.2p-h470a237_1     conda-forge

Proceed ([y]/n)? y

[arnuld@arch64 ~]$ conda update --all
Solving environment: done

## Package Plan ##

  environment location: /mnt/sda5/.miniconda3

The following packages will be downloaded:

    package                    |            build
    pysocks-1.6.8              |        py37_1002          22 KB  conda-forge
    six-1.11.0                 |        py37_1001          21 KB  conda-forge
    ncurses-6.1                |       hfc679d8_1         1.2 MB  conda-forge
    pycosat-0.6.3              |   py37h470a237_1         103 KB  conda-forge
    cryptography-2.3.1         |   py37hdffb7b8_0         587 KB  conda-forge
    libstdcxx-ng-7.2.0         |       hdf63c60_3         2.5 MB  conda-forge
    ruamel_yaml-0.15.71        |   py37h470a237_0         265 KB  conda-forge
    xz-5.2.4                   |       h470a237_1         328 KB  conda-forge
    cffi-1.11.5                |   py37h5e8e0c9_1         406 KB  conda-forge
    pyopenssl-18.0.0           |        py37_1000          81 KB  conda-forge
    libffi-3.2.1               |       hfc679d8_5          51 KB  conda-forge
    bzip2-1.0.6                |       h470a237_2         310 KB  conda-forge
    sqlite-3.25.2              |       hb1c47c0_0         1.6 MB  conda-forge
    urllib3-1.23               |        py37_1001         151 KB  conda-forge
    yaml-0.1.7                 |       h470a237_1          77 KB  conda-forge
    asn1crypto-0.24.0          |        py37_1003         154 KB  conda-forge
    libedit-3.1.20170329       |       haf1bffa_1         158 KB  conda-forge
    libgcc-ng-7.2.0            |       hdf63c60_3         6.1 MB  conda-forge
    zlib-1.2.11                |       h470a237_3          93 KB  conda-forge
    python-3.7.0               |       h5001a0f_4        25.2 MB  conda-forge
    pycparser-2.19             |             py_0          87 KB  conda-forge
    wheel-0.32.2               |           py37_0          34 KB  conda-forge
    chardet-3.0.4              |        py37_1003         167 KB  conda-forge
    conda-env-2.6.0            |                1           2 KB  conda-forge
    setuptools-40.5.0          |           py37_0         619 KB  conda-forge
    idna-2.7                   |        py37_1002          99 KB  conda-forge
    pip-18.1                   |        py37_1000         1.7 MB  conda-forge
    readline-7.0               |       haf1bffa_1         381 KB  conda-forge
    requests-2.20.0            |        py37_1000          83 KB  conda-forge
    tk-8.6.8                   |       ha92aebf_0         3.1 MB  conda-forge
                                           Total:        45.6 MB

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

    bzip2:        1.0.6-h470a237_2        conda-forge

The following packages will be UPDATED:

    asn1crypto:   0.24.0-py37_0                       --> 0.24.0-py37_1003        conda-forge
    cffi:         1.11.5-py37he75722e_1               --> 1.11.5-py37h5e8e0c9_1   conda-forge
    chardet:      3.0.4-py37_1                        --> 3.0.4-py37_1003         conda-forge
    conda-env:    2.6.0-1                             --> 2.6.0-1                 conda-forge
    cryptography: 2.3.1-py37hc365091_0                --> 2.3.1-py37hdffb7b8_0    conda-forge
    idna:         2.7-py37_0                          --> 2.7-py37_1002           conda-forge
    libffi:       3.2.1-hd88cf55_4                    --> 3.2.1-hfc679d8_5        conda-forge
    ncurses:      6.1-hf484d3e_0                      --> 6.1-hfc679d8_1          conda-forge
    pip:          10.0.1-py37_0                       --> 18.1-py37_1000          conda-forge
    pycosat:      0.6.3-py37h14c3975_0                --> 0.6.3-py37h470a237_1    conda-forge
    pycparser:    2.18-py37_1                         --> 2.19-py_0               conda-forge
    pyopenssl:    18.0.0-py37_0                       --> 18.0.0-py37_1000        conda-forge
    pysocks:      1.6.8-py37_0                        --> 1.6.8-py37_1002         conda-forge
    python:       3.7.0-hc3d631a_0                    --> 3.7.0-h5001a0f_4        conda-forge
    requests:     2.19.1-py37_0                       --> 2.20.0-py37_1000        conda-forge
    ruamel_yaml:  0.15.46-py37h14c3975_0              --> 0.15.71-py37h470a237_0  conda-forge
    setuptools:   40.2.0-py37_0                       --> 40.5.0-py37_0           conda-forge
    six:          1.11.0-py37_1                       --> 1.11.0-py37_1001        conda-forge
    sqlite:       3.24.0-h84994c4_0                   --> 3.25.2-hb1c47c0_0       conda-forge
    tk:           8.6.8-hbc83047_0                    --> 8.6.8-ha92aebf_0        conda-forge
    urllib3:      1.23-py37_0                         --> 1.23-py37_1001          conda-forge
    wheel:        0.31.1-py37_0                       --> 0.32.2-py37_0           conda-forge
    zlib:         1.2.11-ha838bed_2                   --> 1.2.11-h470a237_3       conda-forge

The following packages will be DOWNGRADED:

    libedit:      3.1.20170329-h6b74fdf_2             --> 3.1.20170329-haf1bffa_1 conda-forge
    libgcc-ng:    8.2.0-hdf63c60_1                    --> 7.2.0-hdf63c60_3        conda-forge
    libstdcxx-ng: 8.2.0-hdf63c60_1                    --> 7.2.0-hdf63c60_3        conda-forge
    readline:     7.0-h7b6447c_5                      --> 7.0-haf1bffa_1          conda-forge
    xz:           5.2.4-h14c3975_4                    --> 5.2.4-h470a237_1        conda-forge
    yaml:         0.1.7-had09818_2                    --> 0.1.7-h470a237_1        conda-forge

Proceed ([y]/n)? y 

Now all packages are always installed from conda-forge:

[arnuld@arch64 ~]$ conda install scipy pandas notebook ipython
Solving environment: done

## Package Plan ##

  environment location: /mnt/sda5/.miniconda3

  added / updated specs: 
    - ipython
    - notebook
    - pandas
    - scipy

The following packages will be downloaded:

    package                    |            build
    pygments-2.2.0             |             py_1         622 KB  conda-forge
    jupyter_client-5.2.3       |             py_1          59 KB  conda-forge
    pexpect-4.6.0              |        py37_1000          75 KB  conda-forge
    markupsafe-1.0             |   py37h470a237_1          33 KB  conda-forge
    prompt_toolkit-2.0.7       |             py_0         218 KB  conda-forge
    openblas-0.3.3             |       ha44fe06_1        13.7 MB  conda-forge
    ptyprocess-0.6.0           |        py37_1000          22 KB  conda-forge
    testpath-0.4.2             |        py37_1000          91 KB  conda-forge
    entrypoints-0.2.3          |        py37_1002           9 KB  conda-forge
    blas-1.1                   |         openblas           1 KB  conda-forge
    pandoc-2.3.1               |                0        20.7 MB  conda-forge
    pyrsistent-0.14.5          |   py37h470a237_1          85 KB  conda-forge
    ipython-7.1.1              |py37h24bf2e0_1000         1.1 MB  conda-forge
    wcwidth-0.1.7              |             py_1          17 KB  conda-forge
    webencodings-0.5.1         |             py_1          12 KB  conda-forge
    send2trash-1.5.0           |             py_0          12 KB  conda-forge
    numpy-1.15.4               |py37_blas_openblashb06ca3d_0         4.2 MB  conda-forge
    pandas-0.23.4              |   py37hf8a1672_0        27.5 MB  conda-forge
    gmp-6.1.2                  |       hfc679d8_0         676 KB  conda-forge
    pytz-2018.7                |             py_0         226 KB  conda-forge
    mistune-0.8.4              |   py37h470a237_0          53 KB  conda-forge
    parso-0.3.1                |             py_0          59 KB  conda-forge
    jedi-0.13.1                |        py37_1000         228 KB  conda-forge
    python-dateutil-2.7.5      |             py_0         218 KB  conda-forge
    zeromq-4.2.5               |       hfc679d8_6         939 KB  conda-forge
    decorator-4.3.0            |             py_0          10 KB  conda-forge
    jupyter_core-4.4.0         |             py_0          44 KB  conda-forge
    attrs-18.2.0               |             py_0          30 KB  conda-forge
    pickleshare-0.7.5          |        py37_1000          12 KB  conda-forge
    nbconvert-5.3.1            |             py_1         320 KB  conda-forge
    pandocfilters-1.4.2        |             py_1           9 KB  conda-forge
    traitlets-4.3.2            |        py37_1000         130 KB  conda-forge
    bleach-3.0.2               |             py_0         125 KB  conda-forge
    ipykernel-5.1.0            |     pyh24bf2e0_0          77 KB  conda-forge
    jsonschema-3.0.0a3         |        py37_1000          80 KB  conda-forge
    prometheus_client-0.4.2    |             py_0          32 KB  conda-forge
    tornado-5.1.1              |   py37h470a237_0         662 KB  conda-forge
    terminado-0.8.1            |        py37_1001          23 KB  conda-forge
    libgfortran-3.0.0          |                1         281 KB  conda-forge
    nbformat-4.4.0             |             py_1          91 KB  conda-forge
    jinja2-2.10                |             py_1          89 KB  conda-forge
    notebook-5.7.0             |        py37_1000         7.3 MB  conda-forge
    backcall-0.1.0             |             py_0          13 KB  conda-forge
    pyzmq-17.1.2               |   py37hae99301_1         455 KB  conda-forge
    ipython_genutils-0.2.0     |             py_1          21 KB  conda-forge
    scipy-1.1.0                |py37_blas_openblashb06ca3d_202        17.5 MB  conda-forge
    libsodium-1.0.16           |       h470a237_1         536 KB  conda-forge
                                           Total:        98.5 MB

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

    attrs:             18.2.0-py_0                          conda-forge
    backcall:          0.1.0-py_0                           conda-forge
    blas:              1.1-openblas                         conda-forge
    bleach:            3.0.2-py_0                           conda-forge
    decorator:         4.3.0-py_0                           conda-forge
    entrypoints:       0.2.3-py37_1002                      conda-forge
    gmp:               6.1.2-hfc679d8_0                     conda-forge
    ipykernel:         5.1.0-pyh24bf2e0_0                   conda-forge
    ipython:           7.1.1-py37h24bf2e0_1000              conda-forge
    ipython_genutils:  0.2.0-py_1                           conda-forge
    jedi:              0.13.1-py37_1000                     conda-forge
    jinja2:            2.10-py_1                            conda-forge
    jsonschema:        3.0.0a3-py37_1000                    conda-forge
    jupyter_client:    5.2.3-py_1                           conda-forge
    jupyter_core:      4.4.0-py_0                           conda-forge
    libgfortran:       3.0.0-1                              conda-forge
    libsodium:         1.0.16-h470a237_1                    conda-forge
    markupsafe:        1.0-py37h470a237_1                   conda-forge
    mistune:           0.8.4-py37h470a237_0                 conda-forge
    nbconvert:         5.3.1-py_1                           conda-forge
    nbformat:          4.4.0-py_1                           conda-forge
    notebook:          5.7.0-py37_1000                      conda-forge
    numpy:             1.15.4-py37_blas_openblashb06ca3d_0  conda-forge [blas_openblas]
    openblas:          0.3.3-ha44fe06_1                     conda-forge
    pandas:            0.23.4-py37hf8a1672_0                conda-forge
    pandoc:            2.3.1-0                              conda-forge
    pandocfilters:     1.4.2-py_1                           conda-forge
    parso:             0.3.1-py_0                           conda-forge
    pexpect:           4.6.0-py37_1000                      conda-forge
    pickleshare:       0.7.5-py37_1000                      conda-forge
    prometheus_client: 0.4.2-py_0                           conda-forge
    prompt_toolkit:    2.0.7-py_0                           conda-forge
    ptyprocess:        0.6.0-py37_1000                      conda-forge
    pygments:          2.2.0-py_1                           conda-forge
    pyrsistent:        0.14.5-py37h470a237_1                conda-forge
    python-dateutil:   2.7.5-py_0                           conda-forge
    pytz:              2018.7-py_0                          conda-forge
    pyzmq:             17.1.2-py37hae99301_1                conda-forge
    scipy:             1.1.0-py37_blas_openblashb06ca3d_202 conda-forge [blas_openblas]
    send2trash:        1.5.0-py_0                           conda-forge
    terminado:         0.8.1-py37_1001                      conda-forge
    testpath:          0.4.2-py37_1000                      conda-forge
    tornado:           5.1.1-py37h470a237_0                 conda-forge
    traitlets:         4.3.2-py37_1000                      conda-forge
    wcwidth:           0.1.7-py_1                           conda-forge
    webencodings:      0.5.1-py_1                           conda-forge
    zeromq:            4.2.5-hfc679d8_6                     conda-forge

Proceed ([y]/n)? y
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  • Why do you want to do this? I just don't see the motivation. Unless there is some specific version/method/bug fix you require in the bleeding-edge releases, it doesn't seem justified. And if you do have specific requirements, that's what pinning functions are for. Personally, I'd never give conda-forge higher priority over defaults simply because MKL is faster than OpenBLAS on Intel hardware. – merv Nov 5 '18 at 14:37
  • Hey Merv, I am really thanksful for your help. I am fine with conda-forge. I kinda like community-driven Open-Source stuff. I use Arch Linux (pretty much of bleeding-edge) and I use AMD Phenom Processor. So, MKL does not make much difference to me. 2nd, I use Open-Source software mostly and want to put projects on GitHub and I don't want to anyone using my software to get stuck into proprietary licensing problems. Even if I use defaults channel, I will still remove MKL. Then 3rd, conda-forge has everything that defaults has + lot more. – Arnuld Nov 6 '18 at 12:22
  • Ah, that makes more sense now. Thanks for clarifying. – merv Nov 6 '18 at 17:23

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