I've searched but none of the information shows how to plot a line graph from data that is given in a row, rather than column.

I have data in this form:

Firstname Lastname Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July

There are 100 rows of data with individual people. I have to plot each graph for each individual starting from Sep To July. My output will be 100 individual graphs. I know how to plot if the data is in column, but that is not what i am given. Changing the data is going to be too much work. I do not have any sas codes for rows:

**Proc sgplot data=data1;
series x=??? ( i need mths from Sep to July here)
Series y= ?? (will be the marks from the Sep to July) 

Here is how the output should look:

  • You're correct, you need your data in a column not a row to graph. Use PROC TRANSPOSE to reformat the data. Not sure what you mean by too much work, but ultimately its not a choice. – Reeza Nov 5 '18 at 15:57
  • data step: stats.idre.ucla.edu/sas/modules/… proc transpose: stats.idre.ucla.edu/sas/modules/… – Reeza Nov 5 '18 at 16:01
  • Shape the data to fit the tool -- even if it is coming from remote data such as web table, excel sheet or extract file. Cementing your self into wide data layout with calendar columned values will actually be more troublesome if you have to work with multiple year, or year crossing months. – Richard Nov 5 '18 at 18:21

Your table needs to be in a flat format, e.g.:

FirstName LastName Date

John      Smith    01JAN2018
Jane      Doe      01JAN2018

This can be done with PROC TRANSPOSE. It is best to align your dates to a specific year/date. This will maintain the correct date order. Assume that your data is for 2018.

Create sample data

data have;
    length name $10.;
    array months[*] Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec;
    retain goal 75;

    do name = 'Mark', 'Jane', 'Jake', 'John', 'Jack', 'Jill', 'Bill', 'Jerry', 'Joseph';
        do i = 1 to dim(months);
            months[i] = round(100*rand('uniform') );


    drop i;


proc sort data=have;
    by name goal;

proc transpose data=have 
    by name goal;

    var Jan--Dec;

data want;
    set have_transposed;

    Month = input(cats('01', _NAME_, 2018), DATE9.);

    rename COL1 = Score;

    format month monname3.;
    drop _NAME_;

proc sgplot data=want;
    by name;

    series x=month y=goal / name='goal' lineattrs=(color=salmon thickness=2);
    series x=month y=score / name='series' lineattrs=(thickness=2);
    scatter x=month y=score / markerattrs=(symbol=circlefilled) name='points';
    keylegend 'series' 'goal';

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