I have written few jobs in .gitlab-ci.yml and my question is similar to this one SO Question. However, the answers provided and accepted doesn't work for my scenario.

The job has an after_script section which executes when the main task completes or fails.

Problem: I send an email alert based on whether the main task succeeded or failed, but I can't find any Gitlab CI variable that indicates the result of the job to clarify in the alert email.

How can I tell, inside the after_script section, whether the main task has succeeded or failed?"

If I use when: on_failure, then my question is when can I define my when: on_success job, since these jobs will depend on the job right before the one - so I can only execute one of these. I've been trying to find variables in Gitlab Variables for this, but couldn't find.

Also, in my after script - I can write if condition, but I am checking if someone can provide better alternate soltion

  • There is a Pipelines emails service in settings -> integrations for each project in GitLab. If your main task means all the jobs with allow_failure: false, the Pipelines emails service may be helpful. – Ben Lee Jul 16 at 2:03
  • @BenLee this doesn't help me much because if the job fails, I do have notifications enabled for the person who has initiated the job, which gives the job failure message with the failure message stack, what I want is to perform a certain set of action, preferably write a well formatted email and send to a defined list of users. – rebelution Jul 16 at 19:27
  • 1
    Insert an send_email stage after the stage of your main task. In the new stage, define two jobs, with when: on_failure and when: on_success respectively. As the jobs of the same stage are executed in parallel, these two stage will depend on the jobs in the previous stages. Will this make sense? – Ben Lee Aug 21 at 7:50
  • Here is an example. I set the variable RET=1 for the failed pipeline. – Ben Lee Aug 21 at 8:16

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