I have an input of an IPV4 address and its prefix(from 1-32). My output should be somthing like:



I'm doing this via VERTICA (SQL)

My question is this something I should do with RegEx? Or should I build a function that does this?

  • As long as it's not numerically dependent (which requires numeric logic) it's simply this find (\d+\.\d+\.\d+).* replace $1.0-$1.255 – sln Nov 5 at 17:14
  • sin thanks for the response, this logic wont work because the prefix is dynamic. – Elad L. Nov 5 at 18:37
  • By prefix, do you mean the 3 first dot-separated digit groups? That is, is , in your case, 172.192.11 the prefix? And would 80/24 have any meaning - or would you just ignore the last bit? And I don't see any hint to " from 1-32" in your input example. What am I missing? – marcothesane Nov 6 at 18:58

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