I am looking through someone's code. What does this piece of code do? I am getting better at PRXCHANGES and regex's. I am not a pro yet but still learning. It looks to me like it is replacing something like P.O. BOX with PO BOX. Does \s? mean optional spaces? and 0? mean 0 is optional? Also :? means : is optional? Looks like I may be understanding some of it. Thanks

    X='P.O. BOX 123';
    Y=PRXCHANGE('s/0?\s?P\.\s?O\. BOX\:?/PO BOX/',-1,X);
    PUT Y;
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it is very important to document when one uses regex , so that others can understand

As you see see in output

  P.O. BOX 123 is converted into PO BOX 123

Explanation of Some important things used and use this link to understand in detail. http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/lrdict/64316/HTML/default/viewer.htm#a003288497.htm

   ? indicates something is present 0 or 1 time
   example: "do(es)?" matches the "do" in "do" or "does"
     period(.) is another metacharacter it means any single character in regex
    to address period it has to escaped using \ it becomes \.
    \s indicates space

In prxchange this is captured group "0?\s?P.\s?O. BOX:?" which is replaced by /PO BOX/

 0? can have zero or may not have in start
followed by \s that is space \s? indicates it can be there or not.
followed by literal P followed by . that is P. 
followed by space or no space and literal 0 followed by .
folloed by space and Box and can have : or not

This covers following few different scenarios/patterns

"0 P.O. BOX" will converted into PO BOX
"0 P.O. BOX:" will converted into PO BOX
"P.O. BOX:" will converted into PO BOX
"0 P.O. BOX" will converted into PO BOX
"P.O. BOX" will converted into PO BOX

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