I have the following query:

$query = $this->createQuery();
$constraint = [];
$constraint[] = $query->like('title', '%' . $searchTerm . '%');
$constraint[] = $query->like('description', '%' . $searchTerm . '%');

This query works. Now I a have a new constraint, which I want do add with locigalAnd. How can I do this?

The new constraint is:

$constraint[] = $query->contains('categories', $myCategory);

How can I combine them?

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I like to put it like that:

$q = $this->createQuery();

$titleOrDescriptionConstraints = $q->logicalOr(
    $q->like('title', '%' . $searchTerm . '%'),
    $q->like('description', '%' . $searchTerm . '%'),

$constraints = $q->logicalAnd(
    $q->contains('categories', $myCategory),

$res = $q->matching($constraints);

But it's just a question of style. If you like it more, you can of course coerce it in one expression.

Just remember that you can pass arrays of single expressions to the ->logicalAnd() and -Or() - functions and that you can nest them as deep as you want.

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