I've scoured the internet but cannot seem to figure this out. My question is, if I have a sas7bdat file, how can I read a sas7bdat file in SAS studio so that I can work with it.

I've tried:

libname test 'C:\Users\name\Downloads\test.sas7bdat'; 

which gives me the error that library test does not exist and if I try the following, I know that I need an INPUT which I don't know of unless I can see into the file.

DATA test; 
    INFILE 'C:\Users\lees162\Downloads\test.sas7bdat'; 

Is there something I'm missing?

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    Here's video tutorial on how to do this, that covers most scenarios. video.sas.com/detail/video/4005088074001/… – Reeza Nov 5 at 21:06
  • In addition, a relatively foul proof method is to go to the Servers Folders & Files Pane in SAS Studio on the left hand side. Navigate to the file you want to use. Right click it and select properties. The path and file name there is what you want to use. – Reeza Nov 5 at 21:06
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Libname is just pointing the location and once you have done that you can use that libname followed period and dataset in your set statement

  libname test "C:\Users\name\Downloads"; 

 DATA test; 
 set  test.asl; 
  • Thanks Kiran. So I actually used asl in one of the samples but I wanted to use test. In this case, how would you indicate the test file under downloads under the data step? – Serena Lee Nov 5 at 19:54
  • then it would be test.test – Kiran Nov 5 at 19:58
  • so I tried test.test and got the error File TEST.TEST.DATA does not exist. Did I do something wrong? Or can there not be more than one file in my Downloads folder? – Serena Lee Nov 5 at 20:00
  • did u try in set statement – Kiran Nov 5 at 20:02
  • Yes, I put: DATA test; set test.test; RUN; – Serena Lee Nov 5 at 20:03

Libref's that you create via the LIBNAME statement point to directories, not individual files.

libname test 'C:\Users\name\Downloads\'; 

INFILE is for reading raw data files. To reference an existing SAS dataset you use a SET statement (or MERGE,MODIFY,UPDATE statement).

set test.test ;

Note that you can skip defining a libref and just use the quoted physical name in the SET statement.

DATA test; 
  set 'C:\Users\lees162\Downloads\test.sas7bdat'; 

Of course to use C:\ in the paths this is assuming that you are using SAS/Studio to point to full SAS running on your PC. If you are using SAS University Edition then it is running in a virtual machine and you will need to put the SAS dataset into a folder that is mapped to the virtual machine and then reference it in the SAS code with the name that the virtual machine uses for the directory.

So something like:

DATA test; 
  set '/folders/myfolders/test.sas7bdat'; 

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