First, I needed to use the getimagesize() function to hook information about my images. The function did not work, because it was necessary to connect gd in php.

In the php.ini file, I uncommented the line extension = php_gd2.dll and rebooted xampp.

getimagesize() function has become but... very bad. One time it works, another time it don't. If it didn't work i just reload page.

from phpinfo()

Then I needed to install a plugin for processing webp images in wordpress. The plugin is installed, but now it writes "The GD php module needs to be enabled for this plugin to function." Conclusion: the plugin does not work, because the GD library is not connected.

On a public server, all the actions performed give a good result. But on a local XAMPP server is not.

So... how can i enable webp support in php GD library in XAMPP on mac os?


OK, look...

So i turn on GD library but i can't use webp functions. On php.net documentation says: compile your php --with-webp-dir=DIR

How to compile php with this feature?

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