I would like to use a role found on ansible galaxy: robertdebock.java

I would like to use this role to install java with the version as parameter. I have tried this in my roles/java/tasks/main.yml file:

- name: Install Java
    name: robertdebock.java
    java_version: 10

Unfortunately, only version 11 is installed, no matter what I provide as parameter for java_version.

How is it possible to use an existing Galaxy role with my own parameters?


Yes, it's possible to use an existing Galaxy role with your own parameters.

But in your case, read the VALID-COMBINATIONS.md documentation.

You probably get the default version for your OS:


java_openjdk_package: "{{ _java_openjdk_package[java_type][java_version][ansible_distribution] | default(_java_openjdk_package[java_type][java_version]['default'] | default([])) }}"

You can pass variables to the role when you use it in your playbook:

- name: Install Java
  - { role: robertdebock.java, java_version: 10 }

As long as the variables use the same name, they will be pulled in as role variables, in the proper scope

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