i am using the react-native webview to render a website within an app. I would like to prevent the user to navigate to other host. For this i am using using the state workaround:

state = {
        key: 1,
        isWebViewUrlChanged: false,
        url: 'https://google.com'

and change the state in the webview

    url={this.state.url }

using this function

setWebViewUrlChanged = (webviewState) => {
        if (webviewState.url.toString().indexOf('google.com') < 0) {
            this.setState({ url: 'https://google.com' });
            this.setState({ isWebViewUrlChanged: true });


The idea is that whenever the user navigates to a page which does not contain google.com, the url is changed again to google.com, forcing the component to re-render because of the state change. However, this seems not to work. The state change is triggered correctly, but the webview still loads whatever url the user navigates to and i cannot trigger the webview to load the url i provide.

What it should do: load google.com again, if user navigates to another server (e.g. github.com). I tried the react-native-blockable-webview (https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-native-blockable-webview) which seems to do what i need, but is quite outdated and not compatible anymore, but the policy concept ist exactly what would be looking for.

Note: i am using this on android only. I am well aware the on NavigationStateChange does not work on iOS.

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