I'm developing a progressive web app, and after running it on my phone using a in manifest.json "display": "fullscreen".
I found out that, whenever I'm using the virtual keyboard, it will not bring up the usual 'soft menu' that is just below it (I'm using a Pixel 2 XL).
Here are some screenshots so you can understand what I mean :

There is no soft menu whenever the keyboard comes up when I want to type something, so If I want to hide the keyboard by taping on the bottom left, it can trigger a button on my pwa UI.

However, if I try to "slide up" with my finger from the bottom of the screen, it will show up the soft menu as shown here :

This interaction seems a little off, and it doesn't offer a good user experience, for now I'm mostly using the browser base version since trying to hide the keyboard will often result in triggering a link or a button on the web app.

Do you have any ideas how to correct this?

Thanks a lot.

  • Have you checked the logs to see where the error is coming from? – abielita Nov 6 at 15:28

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