Is there any way not to support a Gmail account type in Outlook for Mac?

Since Gmail accounts support has been announced I need to support also this account types. However, EWS requests does not work for Gmail. I would like to temporary block Gmail users installing my add-in, until I will adjust by backend, and switch to REST.

The only idea I have now is to detect accountType in JS and inform user that cannot use this add-in for now.


Add-in support for Gmail Accounts in Mac Outlook is not currently mandatory. If you do not wish to support Gmail at this time, you may mention this in the test notes of your submission.

Once you do this, your add-in will not be validated on Gmail accounts, nor marked as supporting Gmail Accounts in Mac Outlook.

  • It does not work... I included that in the test note, and I got "Note: We acknowledge your testing notes requesting us to not test your add-in in the Mac environment and to manually remove support for Mac. However, please note, as per policy 4.12.1, your add-in must work in all Office applications specified in the Hosts element in your add-in manifest. For details, see Specify Office hosts and API requirements." They still ask me to support Outlook for Mac
    – Frostless
    Nov 15 '18 at 3:39
  • @Frostless You cannot disclaim general support for Outlook for Mac; you may only disclaim Gmail Accounts on Outlook for Mac. Nov 15 '18 at 10:18
  • @OfficeStoreDeveloperComms, Is the Gmail Account type still supported? Is it going to be developed for windows clients? I've seen that announcements page has been deleted and I do not see any moves there.
    – Niko
    Mar 26 '19 at 10:47

Gmail users would be able to install the add-in only if the add-in is successfully validated for the gmail account as part of add-in validation. Do you know if your add-in passed the Gmail validation? Are you able to see your add-in in the outlook Mac add-in store on a gmail account?

  • It is not released to the store yet. I'm developing it and sideloading. Some of my backend use EWS, which requires some time to change.
    – Niko
    Nov 6 '18 at 9:32

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