I have the following list of animals:

bird, wolf, lion, zebra, horse

I would like to create a small experiment of say 100 trials to see how these change for each random draw. I have looked at the simulate command in Stata but this only reports summary statistics.

How can I save the results of each trial?

  • Perfect, thanks Spencer! – user10613057 Nov 6 '18 at 13:11

The following will give you what you want:


tempfile animals
save `animals', emptyok

input str5 animal

forvalues i = 1 / 7 {
    generate double random = runiform()
    sort random
    drop random

    generate result = _n
    append using `animals'
    save `animals', replace

    keep in 1 / 5
    drop result

use `animals', clear

egen _j = seq(), block(5)
egen _i = seq(), from(1) to(5)

reshape wide animal, i(_i) j(_j)

order result
drop _i

Below you can find the results for 7 trials:

     | result   animal1   animal2   animal3   animal4   animal5   animal6   animal7 |
  1. |      1      bird      bird     zebra     zebra      lion      bird     zebra |
  2. |      2      wolf     horse     horse      wolf      bird     zebra      bird |
  3. |      3     horse      wolf      lion     horse     horse     horse      wolf |
  4. |      4     zebra      lion      wolf      bird      wolf      wolf     horse |
  5. |      5      lion     zebra      bird      lion     zebra      lion      lion |

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