Here's what we hope to accomplish: a WordPress site that will allow users to register/login EITHER with Facebook OR WordPress and have the same access to posts/pages/content. From all the research thus far, this doesn't seem trivial...

Here's our requirements:

User Registration


  • New users can connect with Facebook by clicking a button and then granting the requested permissions to our Facebook App. The permission-grant is a one-time event.
  • They will have to log into Facebook if they aren’t already.
  • When they connect for the first time a WordPress account will automatically be created for them. This integrates Facebook and WordPress.
  • This free plugin may be a good starting point to integrate the two systems - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-facebook-connect/
  • Here’s another one that only handles the WordPress account creation based on a Facebook session. What it’s lacking is the ability to use the Facebook session to login after registration (it requries the WordPress username/password). http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/facebook-registration-tool/


  • If the users doesn’t have a Facebook account or chooses not to connect through Facebook, they can manually create a WordPress account.
  • Required fields are: username, email, password

User Login


  • If the user has already granted permissions to our Facebook App, they will be auto-logged-in if they have an active Facebook session and visit our website.
  • Otherwise, the user will have to first log in to Facebook.


  • The user can choose to login with the username/password they created.

Any words of wisdom on how we can accomplish these requirements?

  • You got this working? Can you share what method you used?
    – tiltdown
    Jul 12 '12 at 14:50

After several trials, the best plugin for this kind of job is http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-connect/ It covers not only Facebook but also Twitter, WordPress.com and Google

Here you can find some details on installing it http://giannopoulos.net/2011/12/28/how-to-add-facebooktwitteretc-authentication-on-wordpress/


Facebook supports OpenID.

There is an OpenId plugin for Wordpress I know nothing about.



The best plugin which integrates Facebook (and also Twitter and Google Plus) is WordPress Social Login.


Definetly https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-facebook-login/ . Lightway and secure.


There's a plugin I use on a BuddyPress site named socialsnapin which I think should fulfill your criteria (although I haven't tested it with plain WordPress).

  • Seems like socialsnapin should work, but it doesn't. I emailed their support to see if they can help.
    – Kane
    May 31 '11 at 20:05

try with keywords on wordpress.org :- facebook login. social login, facebook connect There are more and awsome plugins for do this. best i have tried:-

FacebookAll (with all facebook social plugins) By sourceaddons

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