I am working on finding a way to make a widget for my Android device to show the number of installs I have on my Android app. So far my idea is to make an app that reads information from the Google play console but I can't find any way to get that information. Any ideas how?


Google play does not offer any official APIs to get that information, but you can use third party APIs for that if you want to.

One example is apptweak.


For similar needs you can use unofficial api that is here on google codes.

it can be used to retrieve app details and other android market data. like :

>You can browse market with any carrier or locale you want.
>Search for apps using keywords or package name.
>Retrieve an app info using an app ID.
>Retrieve comments using an app ID.
>Get PNG screenshots and icon

There is already an official Google Play console app that offers this information and a lot more.

It doesn't have a widget, but you could contact the developers to ask for one. I sit near them so I'll mention the request.

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