I am working on a FF network that requires the sharing of parameters across all N sequences of feature size 19 where N in this case is 5.

inputs = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=(None, FLAGS.eval_beam_size, largest, token_size))
label = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=(None, FLAGS.eval_beam_size))
hid_size_1 = 5
#batch_size = tf.shape(inputs)[0]
#print(None, type(FLAGS.eval_beam_size), type(X_train[0][0].shape[1]), type(hid_size_1))
# [400, 5]
w1 = tf.Variable(tf.random_normal([token_size ,hid_size_1], stddev=0.01))
b1 = tf.Variable(tf.constant(0.1, shape=([hid_size_1])))
y1 = tf.nn.dropout(tf.add(tf.matmul(w1, inputs), b1), keep_prob=0.5)

Here I get the error:

ValueError: Shape must be rank 2 but is rank 4 for 'MatMul_22' (op: 'MatMul') with input shapes: [400,5], [?,5,19,400].

Due to the fact that my placeholder input tensor has 2 axies dedicated to representing sequential input.

The shape (None, FLAGS.eval_beam_size, largest, token_size) is (Batch_size, Number of Sequences, Number of tokens in a sequence, number of features in a token)

Because of this I want to be able to share parameters in the neural network. But I am not sure if this is possible as tf.matmul() requires input tensors of the same shape.

Is there a way to do this multiplication without iterating over the input?

A possibility is: y1 = tf.nn.dropout(tf.add(tf.tensordot(inputs, w1, axes=2), b1), keep_prob=0.5)

But my understanding of this is that (axes=2) means to use the last 2 axes of inputs and the first two of w1 but they output a tensor of shape [?, 5] which dosen't make sense. to me.

Setting the parameter of y1 = tf.nn.dropout(tf.add(tf.tensordot(inputs, w1, axes=1), b1), keep_prob=0.5) to axis=1 solves the problem but I am not sure why it is not to as I have a input with [m,n,x,y] and weight layer [a,b] perhaps it starts at axis+1. If anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it.

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