Environment: .NET Core 2.1 running on Ubuntu 18.04

When a new ASP .NET core project is created, a bunch of client-side packages are automatically generated. For example:

$ dotnet new razor
$ ls wwwrooot/lib

bootstrap  jquery  jquery-validation  jquery-validation-unobtrusive

However, I do not see any configuration file that lists these client-side packages.

I believe bower is no longer being used. Plus, I don't see any bower.json file.

I believe libman is not even present on my machine. Plus, I don't see any libman.json file.

Using the command dotnet restore restores only the .net packages listed in .csproj file but does not restore packages under wwwroot/lib directory.

As a quick test, I deleted wwwroot/lib directory and tried various commands. However, none of my attempts was able to restore any packages under wwwroot/lib directory.

Can someone please tell me how are client-side packages managed in ASP.NET Core 2.1 and beyond? How does one upgrade these packages to the latest version?

  • They're just hardcoded in the template. – DavidG Nov 7 '18 at 1:27

Most of the files in projects created with the dotnet new command are simply hard-coded in the template. So if you delete them the only way to get them back would be to copy them in from somewhere else.

If you want to manage client-side libraries, then you can use any number of tools to help you such as LibMan or one of the many third-party alternatives.

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