What kinds of exceptions I should consider while working with Android Room. From my research I found out that there is only one exception that might occur.

Room Exceptions

That is also when you are having Single<T> as a return type and you have an empty return. Other than that I couldn't find any other possible scenario that might throw an exception.

Of course, there might be some exceptions if you have some logical incorrect implementations, like

  • Editing scheme, but not implementing Migration
  • Not implementing OnConflictStrategy while inserting
  • Running Room on Main Thread while not allowing it with allowMainThreadQueries()

I did some research and tried out almost all possible cases, mostly with RxJava return types and I saw one exception mentioned above and that's it.

Here is my tests that I run

I wanted to make sure that I have implementation for every possible scenario and not have some exception and unexpected crashes. I was thinking of occurrences of SQLite exceptions might happen, but I believe it's wrapped around Room and it will handle. (Not sure)

Can you give any other possible exceptions that might occur?

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