Please help me on this situation.

i have a source database and a destination both are oracle. my requirement is to get realtime data from source going to the destination. i'm not sure how it is going to be done. another requirement is that it has to be opensource.

please help me

  • Have you looked at Oracle's built-in Replication capabilities? – APC Nov 7 at 8:23
  • are you talking about the Data Change notification? - YES, but would like to explore more. if possible utilize kafka but not sure where to start – mjayson Nov 7 at 12:25
  • No, I was talking about Basic Replication and Oracle Streams. – APC Nov 7 at 12:38
  • Is that opensource? could you give me a reference? – mjayson Nov 7 at 12:56
  • Those are Oracle products, so they're described in the documentation. – APC Nov 7 at 12:59

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