I have over 5000 entries in a single string variable (eg: liver major, liver minor, liver atypical ...., pancreas head, pancreas tail, pancreas body...many other entries like that). I would like to know how to recode all these entries into major categories: All liver ... becomes only liver in a different column and in the same column all pancreas ... become only pancreas. The reason is that I want to summarize graphically the entries and as it stands and because of many similar entries have the different names in the same variable, it is useless to do a graph. I am on HP Windows 7 machine I can use excel 2016 or SPSS 22. The structure of the data is 5 columns and > 5000 rows. The columns (variables) are the year of the operation (each year over the past 13 years there has been around 400 operations), age, gender, the name of the operation, and the role. None of these variables contains unique data. The variable of concern is the name of the operation. The reason of concern is that the entries were over time and from different hospitals and this resulted in the same operation might have a slightly different name. This made a concise presentation of the data is difficult to comprehend and evaluate. The target is to pull all the different name of the same operation (eg: All liver XYZ operations to be named liver and the same for all other dispersed entries that can be renamed to provide easy to visualise summaries). I wonder if I can have all the newly named operations in a single column as well. I would imagine that there should be a command like (rename if contains liv to liver or if contains panc to pancreas)

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  • Whats the data structure? Do you have 5000 cases with one entry each? An ID Variable? Seeing some sample data would be useful. What kind of file is your data stored in? .sav, .csv, .xls? Do you want one nominal variable, so that entries containing "Liver" would get a code ( e.g. 1), pancreas another (e.g. 2) or do you just want to extract the strings? Please update your question. more information is needed to help you. – Martin Nov 7 at 8:20
  • Alright, thanls for the edit. I get your problem and I think I have a solution. I'll post as soon as the question ist opened again. – Martin Nov 8 at 7:48
  • Thanks Martin Do I need to do anything to activate the question again? – Mohamed Bekheit Nov 8 at 10:28
  • Ah well, I flagged your question for reopening yesterday but I guess the solution fits in a comment. Use this code and append it as appropriate. I called the variable "op", swap that out with your variable name: if (index(upcase(op), 'LIVER') > 0) ops_cat = 1. if (index(upcase(op), 'UTER') > 0) ops_cat = 2. if (index(upcase(op), 'PANC') > 0) ops_cat = 3. if (index(upcase(op), 'KIDNEY') > 0) ops_cat = 4. if (index(upcase(op), 'HEART') > 0) ops_cat = 5. and so on. these commands will build a categorial variable from the string. – Martin Nov 9 at 10:29
  • Thanks Martin I will try this weekend and get back to you – Mohamed Bekheit yesterday