For implementing a spy nav bar in my Angular app in a MatDialog component. I implemented a directive to spy for the scroll event using

@HostListener('window:scroll', ['$event'])

I also tried 'scroll' as event name. But the event does not seem to fire. I tried several approaches, e. g. by using the HostListener directly in the dialog component, by using the JavaScript window.onscroll() function and the rxjs fromEvent() function but without success.

Trying other css events (e. g. window:click) work fine. I also tried it in a "normal" component that is not displayed as a dialog but the event is not fired there either.

What could be the cause of this behaviour?

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Here is an alternative solution which works rather well.

In short:

ngOnInit() {
    // Add an event listener to window
    // Window can be defined in the pollyfiles.ts as: 
    // if (window) {
    //    (window as any).global = window;
    // }
    window.addEventListener('scroll', this.scroll, true); //third parameter

ngOnDestroy() {
    window.removeEventListener('scroll', this.scroll, true);

scroll = (event: any): void => {
  // Here scroll is a variable holding the anonymous function 
  // this allows scroll to be assigned to the event during onInit
  // and removed onDestroy
  // To see what changed:
  const number = event.srcElement.scrollTop;
  console.log('I am scrolling ' + number);
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    took me 3 hours to find a working solution. Shot mate. Appreciated May 11 '19 at 13:39
  • @AaronMatthews Pleasure :)
    – Jason
    May 12 '19 at 12:16
  • This is the only code that works out of the 20 other snippets i've tried
    – Ste
    Sep 11 at 8:20

The reason for this behaviour is that angular material blocks the scroll event.

I solved it like this:

  ngAfterViewInit(): void {

    const content = document.querySelector('.mat-dialog-container');
    const scroll$ = fromEvent(content, 'scroll').pipe(map(() => content));

    scroll$.subscribe(element => {
      // do whatever

Try this...No need to do anything with html.

import { Component, OnInit, HostListener } from '@angular/core';

@HostListener('window:scroll', ['$event']) getScrollHeight(event) {
   console.log(window.pageYOffset, event);
  • So this is a directive right? Do I just add it to the elemnt where I need to listen to? I tried so, but with "window:scroll" as event, it is not getting listened to. Do I add it to app.component.html itself? Mar 21 at 8:35

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