I'm working with MediaResponse to play media (play song) with Google Actions V2.

I did these features:

  • Play audio

  • Stop

  • Pause

  • Resume

  • Play

  • Next

  • Previous

  • Repeat

But I wonder that why MediaResponse did not support Volume intergration while I said

  • Increase|Decrease Volume

  • Volume Up|Down

Is there anyway for me to implement these features?

p/s :

- Spotify service can did it.

- I able to detect Intent with specify phrases : "Volume Up" ...


    class MediaPlayerUtils {

    getMediaResponse(song) {
        // This object used to play Media on Google Home
        var mediaResponse = new MediaResponse();
        mediaResponse.mediaType = "AUDIO";

        var mediaObject = new MediaObject({
            url: ""

        mediaObject.name = song.title;
        mediaObject.contentUrl = song.url;

        mediaResponse.mediaObjects = [];

        var Media = function (song, mediaResponse) {
            this.song = song;
            this.mediaResponse = mediaResponse;

        // Media Response : Play audio
        return new Media(song, mediaResponse);

    playSong(conv, song) {
        console.log("playSong() " + song.title + " --- " + song.url);

        var media = function (song, mediaResponse) {
            this.song = song;
            this.mediaResponse = mediaResponse;
        media = this.getMediaResponse(song);

        // Media Response : Play audio
        conv.ask(new SimpleResponse(" ")); // Able to set song title before playing song in here
        conv.ask(new Suggestions(
        conv.ask(new SimpleResponse(""));


Actions on Google doesn't, under normal conditions, allow for programatic control of volume. The reason you see it in Spotify is probably because Google and Spotify have a special relationship that lets them get around some of the normal constraints.


After file a query to Google,

They answered that this time does not support.

It should be release in close future.

enter image description here

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