So I have two VMs inside a HA failover cluster, a Windows 10 Enterprise and an Ubuntu 18.10. (integration services are installed on Ubuntu)

If I try to live-migrate them one by one to the other cluster host it works fine but if I try both together I just get a very generic error:

"Live migration of 'Virtual Machine Windows 10 Enterprise' failed." "Live migration of 'Virtual Machine Ubuntu' failed."

Absolutely no reason given at all, is it a limitation of Ubuntu that it can't be live-migrated together with an other Windows VM?

There is nothing else in the critical events for the VM role aside from the above.

Both hosts run Server 2016 Standard. VMs are both 64 bit 2nd generation. CPU compatibility is turned on.

  • Also, does anyone know if I can run a VM in one host and one in the other as at the moment I can't seem to be able to separate the two and they always run on either one host or the other. – user757392 Nov 7 '18 at 14:32

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